Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sheesh! How about some updates?

So it's been a while for any hobby updates. However with Adepticon coming up, progress is being made.

Looks like the High Elves for the A-con Championships again this year. I considered O&G, having painted so many, but will need all of the competitive help I can get.

In an effort to lighten up my overall army look, I'm going back and repainting some minis to help them visually pop more. These Shadow Warriors were among the first WHF minis I painted way back in 2002. The mini on the right is touched up with a lighter scheme:
Next up is my Tyrion model that I purchased back when I started. I'd planned on using it as a Lord choice in my Championship list, but after some practice games decided on another build. It still needs the gems painted, sword, etc. but with my list priorities changing, this is now on the backburner. Too bad though, it was fun to paint!
I painted this mage for Invasion Kenosha, and will use it for A-con as well—my first non-GW fig in my HE list!
Fortunately I don't have too much painting to do this year. I'm focused on improving my game as that's where I typically lose points. In 4 practice games this year, I'm only 0-1-3. Much improvement to be made, but I have 8 weeks to practice.

Lastly, here's a conversion I'm working on for my Orcs:

Someone over on the Warhammer Forum did a great conversion using the Corpse Cart for their Beastmen. One thing I need for higher painting scores is some conversions so I thought I'd try. The hero is the Avatars of War model, and is magnetized so I can remove him if needed.

More updates in the coming weeks!