Sunday, April 19, 2009

O&G Odds & Ends

With Adepticon passed and things getting back to 'normal', I've made some random progress on my growing Waagh.

These are my scratch-built spear-chukkas I started way back in October. I cut the central stem in half so they're shorter and more git-friendly. I also added support beams on the bottom so it's more sturdy. Basecoat colors added. With a goblin crew, not sure exactly what models to use short of ordering/ebaying actual chukka crew models. Night Goblins may have to suffice for now.

Just about done with my second unit of Wolf Riders. Just need to add grass and quivers.

And lastly, I've started piecing together some Night Goblins. Picked up some clearance GF9 bases from Games Plus. I cut off the bevel on one side and presto! I can connect two small units to make one big happy one.

(this will be 8 ranks deep, and not 5 ranks)


Anonymous said...

More good looking stuff! I really think the bolt throwers turned out well. They look like two pieces of junk... meaning perfectly goblin-ish!! :)

...and how big is that goblin unit?!

gmarksthespot said...

Dang, you've been busy! Awesome chukkas! Now that is a big unit!

TrekkerYu said...

Why pay for junk when you can make it! I'll likely buy two more for 4 total Chukkas in my 2250 army.

That Night Goblin unit is 40 goblins strong! I may go 6x6...