Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Coming up for air...and an update!

Between work, my one year old's birthday party and life in general, it's been a real struggle to make consistent progress on the Orcs! Here's the latest army update:

A close-up of my Goblin Wolf Riders:

And a close-up of my General (still needs shield and boar tusks):

All that's left is:
- complete infantry block that is only primed right now
- face details on painted block
- add shields to both blocks
- paint BSB, and all banners

...and that's it! Can I do all this in ~30 days, plus High Elf details? We shall see. In a pinch, I could sub in an already painted unit of Orcs that I got in a trade. But pride prevents me doing so...on to more painting!!!

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